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How to Avoid Rookie Plumbing Mistakes

Plumbing Mistakes

Common problems encountered in our homes are the plumbing problems. Once we notice these problems, we try to fix them ourselves because from the look of things they appear simple DIY we can quickly accomplish. However, these simple tasks turn out to be significant problems because of some common mistakes that occur when we try doing more than we can. Later we find ourselves hiring a professional in plumbing (we recommend for 24/7 services)to rectify what we worsened. This process would cost more than it would have taken if you called the plumber to fix the small problem before you handled it. If such happens, we regret taking the matter into our hands. However, do not regret this again because most of us make such mistakes since we don’t know the complex nature of the plumbing work hence end up making some common mistakes

If you ever found yourself committing such errors hang around for some time as I take you through some common rookie
plumbing mistakes we as homeowner commit and how to avoid them.

1. Having the wrong tools for the task

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners do is using the wrong tools for simple plumbing tasks. Trying to use the tools that you use for your automobile for your plumbing work is a big mistake. Although there are some, you may use others are out of the game entirely. They will only worsen your small problem, so it is best to avoid them like the plague because they are not compatible. For example, while using a standard adjustable wrench when tightening a sink fixture, will damage it by leaving scratches on the fixture. Use of an adjustable wrench enables an easy
slip off leaving some visible marks. It is also possible to tighten the retaining bolts too hard hence crack them

To avoid such mistakes do not use an adjustable wrench to tighten sink fixtures or bolts. Get yourself a plumbing wrench which has a rubber strap that prevents over-tightening and scratching the sink.

2. Using wrong pipes

Plumbing work involves extensive use of pipes, and sometimes you may find yourself having a problem with your piping system. When solving this problem homeowners tend to use the wrong pipes when trying to fix pipe leaks or when adding a new section of piping. Some pipes or pipe materials do not match and therefore cannot work together. It is essential to use the pipes that match. For example, trying to combine galvanized steel and copper is wrong because when these two come together, they cause corrosion and hence fast wear and tear of the pipes.

To solve this problem, use the same type of pipes as the previous ones or thoroughly sweep the piping system with the help of a professional.

3. Failure to use the plumber’s tape

Plumbing work requires not only screws but also the plumber’s tape. One mistake that homeowners do is trying to fix pipes or fixtures together by screwing one piece to another. This mistake causes leakage of water from the connection points of the pipes. This situation happens because the connections are not fully connected. A plumbers tape is used to attach the pieces securely and prevents leaks.

4. Overlooking small plumbing issues

Another mistake comes in when you ignore a minor problem you notice in your sink or pipes. These minor problems can turn out to be significant issues in our homes. Ignoring simple leaks may make you wake up in the middle of the night to find yourself has turned out into a pool

To solve this problem of small issues escalating into significant issues we should try and attend to minor problems immediately. Prevention is better than cure.

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